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Pixie Lott Major Side Boob For A Magazine Launch In London

Pixie Lott
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Pixie Lott may have a silly name but you know what isnít silly? Her boobs. She was wearing a very revealing top in London that showed some major sideboob. I mean MAJOR. Sheís got an excellent pair of yabbos that are nice and perky. She also had a bit of a slip when her boob glue came undone. This allowed us an even better view of her funbag profile. I donít pretend to understand the physics of boob glue nor do I understand how it stays in place. Magic, I guess. All I know is that it usually means that there is some low-cut or sideboobage action about to happen. Itís like the harbinger of boob happenings. Pixie Lott / sexy.

Pixie Lott Nipples In See Through Top

Pixie Lott
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British pop diva Pixie Lott has fascinated me since first I laid peeps upon her. So, here is braless Pixie Lott flashing her nipples in see through top while leaving Madam Jojoís in London. In a more perfect world, all sexy celebrities would be compeled by law to wear see-through tops. Donít even get me started on the ĎCommandoí legislation I have in mind. But, until Eden returns, we must accept the fact that some bit of cloth will occasional come between our retinal cones and our objects dí lust. Pixie Lott / sexy.

Pixie Lott Sexy Tiger

Pixie Lott
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I thought Halloween was months ago,so why the hell is this Pixie Lott chick dressed up as a tiger? I mean why she is wearing tiger makeup? Really can not find any good reason why would someone did something like that, except that she wanted to attract attention.Yes,that is exactly what the sexy Pixie Lott wanted to do and she successfully got my attention in this little slutty outfit looking irresistibly sexyÖ Enjoy in this Pixie Lott hot gallery. Pixie Lott / sexy.


Pixie Lott
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Pixie Lott / sexy.

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Pixie Lott

Birth Date: 12.01.1991.
Birth Place: Bromley, London, England.
Occupation: Musician
Nationality: English
Appear in: Teen-look
System rating: 3.87
Content: 40 pictures
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